Indus Chronicle is an online version of our monthly news magazine covering politics, international affairs, economy, development, sports, entertainment and fashion industry etc. A fast growing magazine, it presents analytical and investigative reports on the events taking place in and around Pakistan.
Also, it values analysing the changes taking place at the grassroots level in all provinces of the country. Our team of reporters at district level investigate the events independently and report for national readership in Pakistan and abroad.
The website is regularly updated round the clock.

Indus Chronicle, an English monthly from Karachi
Indus Chronicle is a professional effort launched in the end of 2013 to fill the vacuum created by challenges that Pakistan as a federation is faced with. The provinces stand autonomous under the 18th Amendment to the constitution and have nevertheless plenty of resources, both humanly and financially, though the situation is far from being improved. But still there are many clear signs of improvement, thanks to the global current of economy, information technology and education in private sectors.
Our team of reporters and the analysts have their vigil on all such changes taking place in and around Pakistan. Also, the information in our countryside needs to come on surface for a vast spectrum so that our decision makers as well as the people know about the strengths and weaknesses that we live with today.
Not only politics, development, economy and environment is in our focus but also fashion, sports, technology and entertainment is being covered as part and parcel of our life as all this arena makes up a huge portion of our national and global economy.

Readership Profile
In a span of more than a year, we have succeeded to be clearly visible in ruling classes of Pakistan, intellectuals, students especially at university level, fashion industry, business decision makers, opinion leaders and influential consumers.

Prominent writers
Senior journalists, analysts, business professionals, travelers, water experts, environmentalists and fashion designers have been contributing their write-ups regularly

Some of the regular contributors of Indus Chronicle
Shamsuddin A. Shaikh, ECO Sindh-Engro Cola Mining Company
Ali Mardan Rahoojo, Former Ambassador
Abid Masti Khan, Former PD Saindak Project, Balochistan
Imran Husain, Business Professional
Nasir Aijaz, Senior Journalist
Manzoor Shaikh, Senior Journalist and TV anchor
Bashir Baloch, Senior Journalist and TV anchor
Idris Rajput, Water Expert
Babar Afandi, Irrigation Expert
Col. Hassan Imam, Traveler and Defense Analyst
Faiz Mohammad Khoso, Former Ambassador
G. R Baloch, Former Ambassador

Our team
Managing Editor: Manzoor Gitchki, Former Senator
Chief Editor: Nasir Aijaz
Editor: Manzoor Shaikh
Online Editor: Kiran Shaikh
Consulting Editors: Mehfooz Ursani, Dr. Ayoob Shaikh, Ishrat Abbasi, Athar Ali Kazi, Khalid Chandio
Business Executives: Asghar Azad Shar, Sanam Hussain, Rauf Baloch
Layout design: Qurban Solangi & Amjad Ali Thaheem

Indus Chronicle Online
The website, relatively new has been successful in reaching thousands of online readers in Pakistan and abroad. Besides through its own site, it updates its readers round the clock on current political happenings in Pakistan and abroad, economy, sports, entertainment, fashion and technology and new discoveries through its social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. (
Having a consistent and affluent audiences including the young and old, policy makers, business and financial elites and students, Indus Chronicle offers all companies to advertise their products to a targeted audience.

Tariff (Print Edition)

Back page (colour) Rs. 60, 000/=
Back page inner Rs. 45, 000/=
Front page inner   Rs. 50,000/=
Centre pages (2 pages) Rs. 80, 000/=
Full page colour ordinary Rs. 35, 000/=
Full page black & while ordinary   Rs. 25, 000/=