ICMD, Nov, 2019:

Rejec­ting speculation that the government and the Sharif family have struck a political deal, Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Sunday said the Lahore High Court (LHC) gave both parties a face-saving.

“PTI government did not want to let Nawaz Sharif go abroad without submitting indemnity bond, but the LHC gave relief to him which is a win-win situation for both the parties and it is neither a defeat nor a victory for anyone,” he stated while inaugurating the Steam Engine Safari Train from Rawalpindi to Attock on Sunday.

Talking to reporters, the minister said that no one played a role in sending Nawaz Sharif abroad, and it was purely a decision of the LHC. He claimed that good days for the country’s politics would come and the whole political scenario will change by January 15 next year.

“Sharif family is miser and they did not give money when they went to Saudi Arabia. They left Hamza Shahbaz as a surety bond,” he said and added that the government should let them go.