ICMD, Sep 19, 2021:

An employee of Sino Sindh Resource Limited (SSRL) has reportedly attempted to commit suicide by self-immolation due to fear of losing his job.

SSRL is working in Block One of Thar Coal Mines under the supervision of the Thar Coal and Energy Board.

The employee who was working with the company as a translator has been rushed to a hospital in Karachi where he is being treated.

One of his associates was quoted in a report as saying that Irshad Channa was being pressurized to move under a contractual arrangement in the company which he believed was discrimination against him. He returned to his room on the office premises and set himself on fire after putting petrol over him.

Surprisingly, the local police do not have any information about the incident and SHO Islamakot reportedly said he had just heard about the incident as the affectee was not brought to the local hospital.