‘He has the honor of serving the dictator of recent times’

KARACHI: ICMD, Nov 4, 2018

Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister (CM) for Information said Sunday the information minister Fawad Ch was trying to divert the attention of people from his own government’s inability to run the affairs of country suggesting Fawad Choudhry concentrate on the performance of his own government.

He said that it was a reflection of a dictatorial mindset. He then said that the PTI minister should not be blamed for this statement since he was ‘politically groomed by dictators,’ “Fawad had the honor of serving the dictator of recent times in the capacity of his spokesperson,” he said.

Barrister Wahab further said that the federal government’s tactics would not succeed in diverting the people’s attention from the Tsunami of price hike caused by the PTI government’s policies.