KHAIRPUR: ICMD, Feb 6, 2019

The police arrested the prime suspect in the murder of a 13-year-old girl in Khairpur district easing out the province-wide protest against the gruesome killing which had also put the ruling PPP in an awkward position because of the relation of the suspect with some party legislators.

Ramsha Wassan, 13, was gunned down in Piro Waddu area of Kotdiji, Khairpur district on February 1 by four unidentified persons. Police said that she was sprayed with nine bullets using a 9mm weapon.

Zulfikar Wassan, alias Zulfu was traced through the location of a mobile he was using, the police said. He was hiding in Sorah, a desert region of the district which borders adjoining Sanghar district.

Local police had already picked up a relative of Zulifkar after the murdered girl Ramsha’s mother named him. Zulifkar’s relative Ghaffar allegedly abetted him in the crime as he accompanied him to the victim's house along with two other suspects, who are at large.

Khairpur Senior Superintendent of Police Umar Tufail reportedly said Ramsha had eloped with another man from the family, Izhar Wassan, on January 19. Izhar’s paternal uncle had intervened and brought her back. It was later decided that the matter would be settled amicably by an elder from the Wassan family.

However, before the matter could be deliberated upon, Ramsha was gunned down in her house allegedly by Zulfikar 'over honor'. Since then the suspect remained at large.

Another report said: Police had picked up around three dozen suspects in their attempt to get their hands on Zulfikar. Police officers told Dawn that even two policemen — who were connected closely with the politically influential Wassans — were picked up under the SSP’s directives. They were kept at "some secret location" to get information regarding the whereabouts of Zulfikar.

Resultantly, the names of a driver of Zulfikar and two other suspects — including one belonging to the Gopang community — were divulged by the held policemen.