KARACHI: ICMD, Dec 2, 2019:

The family of a young girl Dua Mangi who was kidnapped at gunpoint in the posh locality of Karachi's District South allegedly by armed kidnappers suspect girl’s Lahore-based friend behind her kidnapping, a report says.

The police investigators, the report further says have recorded the statements of the family of the girl and also received her phone records.

The police reportedly said that the family of the girl suspected Muzaffar who met her during her stay in abroad to be behind the crime.

Also, the police doubt that the car used in picking up the girl was snatched from Khalid Bin Waleed Road few days ago. The owner reportedly said the car in the footage closely resembled his vehicle.

There were five people involved in the kidnapping and their ages ranged from 35 to 45 years.

After analysis of the CCT footage, the police assume that only one person is seen covering his face during the crime. Maybe he was a known face for Ms. Mangi.

Dua Mangi had gone to the area for participating in a birthday party f her friend.

Moreover, the police are getting information about ex-fiancee of Dua Mangi too.