KARACHI: ICR/MD, Dec 7, 2019:

Dua Mangi returned home on Saturday, a police statement said. Mangi, a young law student was kidnapped a week back.

South Zone DIG Sharjeel Kharal's office confirmed that she was back but there are no details as to how she returned back home and also what was the role of the police. Who kidnapped her after opening fire at her friend Haris Soomro in the DHA area of Karachi.

The statement added that the investigation in the case is ongoing and police will soon provide further information.

Activists all around Sindh province who protested and demanded her safe recovery welcomed her return did ask about kidnappers.

JIbran Nasir, a known activist said in his tweet "Two kidnappings [in] DHA in 6 months both times kidnappers weren't caught. The hunt for them must continue otherwise God forbid one of our family members could be the next victims," he tweeted.

Civil society members had also staged a protest at the city's Teen Talwar roundabout and they were pressing the police and administration for her safe recovery. The police had apparently no clues who kidnapped her.

Mangi's friends and the issues around them were also said to be investigated by the police also.

DIG Kharal and other police officials were of the view it was the case of kidnapping for ransom.

A report quoted him as saying that it had been ascertained through investigation that the student was kidnapped for ransom, without elaborating. The DIG South was leading different teams of police probing the incident.

Police had said on Tuesday that they suspected a criminal gang was behind Mangi's abduction.

Prominent writer Aijaz Mangi who is an uncle of Ms. Mangi says there is no role of police in her recovery.

Mangi's father Nisar Mangi confirmed his daughter was back. She is in trauma and being given proper support after the recovery.

Aijaz Mangi said she was not well and undergoing post-recovery issues. He said police did not have any role in her recovery adding Mangi's kidnapping was part two of Bisma kidnapping which took place some six months back. Bisma's family had said to pay ransom for her recovery.

A day before the return of Mangi, reports claimed the criminals claiming to be holding Dua Mangi hostage have demanded a hefty ransom of $2.5 lakh (Rs38.8 million) for her release.

The ransom demand was made through WhatsApp from Mangi’s parents. They have contacted the family thrice in the three days before she returned back.