ISLAMABAD: ICR, Dec 1, 2o19:

The federal government is ready for the restoration of students’ unions if a code of conduct is established. Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a tweet on Saturday that the universities groomed future leaders of the country and student unions formed an integral part of this grooming,

Imran Khan talked about the establishment of a "comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct". He said the unions had become "violent battlegrounds and completely destroyed the intellectual atmosphere on campuses.

The premier said that a "comprehensive and enforceable conduct" based on the "best practices in internationally renowned universities" will be developed so that their restoration can be made possible.
Prime Minister’s statement through tweets came two days after students, activists, and supporters across Pakistan came out to join the Student Solidarity March, led by the Student Action Committee (SAC).

Students across Pakistan demanded the restoration of the budget for the Higher Education Commission, end to the layoff of academics, allocation of five percent of the GDP for education, nationalization of educational institutions and withdrawal of the recent fee hike.

The charter of demands includes the establishment of committees inclusive of students in all the educational institutes to investigate cases of sexual harassment.